Rating system

Hi all,

Thought I would post this disclaimer so you know how I go about rating and reviewing books on my blog.

Firstly: all ratings are out of 5 stars. Here is a short breakdown of what each star means:


1 stars-I hated this book and probably didn’t even finish it

2 stars-I disliked this book-but I probably read the whole thing anyway.

3 stars-I liked this book-but it may have had some fundamental flaws which stopped it from being a 4 star book.

4 stars-I LOVED this book and I’ll probably tell you to go out and read it.

5 stars-This book is a book which has changed my life.


All my reviews will give a general feeling of a book. A spoiler warning will be included for reviews with any spoilers (however I aim not to do this). I have also added in the genre-and links to show off any adaptations of the books I have read.

If you have any suggestions of ways to improve my reviews please do not hesitate to contact me!