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Review: From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Aremntrout

Title: From Blood and Ash

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Genre: New Adult/Fantasy

In short: A fun fantasy with a lot of tension

I m quite proud to announce that I have officially read my very first Jennifer L.Armentrout novel. The hype may have got to me and I picked up From Blood and Ash as my first read by this author. I was lucky enough to be loaned a copy of the book by a friend (the books are notoriously hard to come by in Australia). But I’m not here to rant about that, I’m here to rant about this book.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts…

First off, I don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed with this book at the moment. Sure, it’s okay. There are a few attractive males, a fierce female lead and there are also a number of solid plot twists. But it’s nothing extraordinary. For me, it’s firmly in the ‘I enjoyed that book’ category.

I liked all the characters. The evil ones were evil. Poppy was a brilliant lead who showed many, many different sides throughout the book. It was great reading about a character who wasn’t flawless. A character who developed a lot throughout the course of the novel. The romantic interest Hawke was this tall, dark and handsome type. The type with many, many secrets and I absolutely adore that. There are a whole bunch of side characters that you’d expect. The hot guys best friend, the female leads best friend and of course there is ‘the teacher’.

I found the world building in the book to be so-so. There was a whole heap of info dumping right at the start of the book (yawn). Most of the creatures in the book were based of ye olde classics; vampires, werewolves, vampire hybrids. The ruling class were ye olde Queens, Dukes, Lords etc. I don’t actually remember much about the setting apart from we were in Masadonia. It all left a little something to be desired. Luckily for you and me both, dear reader, there was a lot of desire in this novel.

Something JLA apparantly does quite well is sexual tension. I was shocked to find this tension started all the way back in chapter 1 of the book. Then it built and built and built. The promise of romantic action has always made books more exciting for me. While it wasn’t the level of action I experienced in A Court of Silver Flames there was a bit of action in this book. Overall, this made From Blood and Ash an okayish read.

I’m rating it 3/5 stars.

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