Review: Extraordinary Old Dogs by Laura Greaves

Title: Extraordinary Old Dogs

Author: Laura Greaves

Genre: True story/pets

In short: An uplifting book about some remarkable dogs.

Extraordinary Old Dogs is a collection of remarkable tales about dogs from all over the world. These dogs aren’t limited by their breed or their age and many of their stories made me laugh and made me cry. Many of the tales had me showering my own puppies with attention as this book helped me understand just how incredible dogs of all breeds and sizes can be.

The stories themselves are short, but it is evident that the words come from the heart of someone who absolutely loves dogs and wants to share that love with the world. I think every single one of the owners Greaves talks to in this book emanate this love. There are some beautiful sentiments in this book about the importance of adoption. By the end I was convinced that blind, deaf, sick and disabled dogs are worthy of as much attention as any 8 week old puppy.

My favorite story was about a greyhound named Magnus who was diagnosed with terminal illness in his senior years. His diagnosis prompted the creation of a bucket list by his owners so that Magnus might spend the rest of his days experiencing the world and all it has to offer. It was a beautiful reminder to cherish every moment of life with our most beloved pets.

I highly recommend this book to any dog lovers. It was a joy to read.

Thanks to Penguin for sending me a copy for review.

I’m rating Extraordinary Old Dogs 4/5 stars.

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