Review: Golden Son by Pierce Brown


Title: Golden Son

Author: Pierce Brown

Genre: Sci-Fi

In short: A thrilling sequel to Red Rising

No spoilers


I didn’t enjoy Golden Son as much as Red Rising. There I said it. Everything was so shiny and new in Red Rising as Darrow discovers himself and the world he lives in but in Golden Son it’s all about conflict, revenge as trust. So, yeah, it is still a thrilling book to read. I just liked Red Rising better.

I listened to Golden Son on Audible and I think that Tim Reynolds phenomenal voice acting makes this book come to life. My partner and I listened to a majority of this book when we were forced to isolate for two weeks due to COVID-19. It was a great escape and we often would spend twenty or thirty minutes on the couch just listening to this book, in total awe of what was happening.

It’s kind of hard to summarise Golden Son. There are so many things that happen in it. Darrow struggles to gain power throughout but he also struggles with friendship and who he should and should not trust. There is a foreshadowing of something major happening throughout the book, so I think it should come as no surprise that this book has a major climax and ends on a major cliffhanger in traditional trilogy style.

One thing Brown does well with in these books is pacing. He sure knows how to keep a reader engaged. Though, at times in this book he’s often finish a chapter or a scene early in order to create suspense. I found this frustrating. It’s like someone waving a chocolate bar in front of your face (assuming you like chocolate). They tell you it’s yours to have, if only you sit through a period of conversation which you’re not interested in because you REALLY want that chocolate bar and you want it NOW.

Despite my frustrations, I thought this book was brilliant. There is so much suspense and it was hard to guess at what might happen to Darrow and his comrades next. I loved the new characters Brown introduces in this book. Ragnor is absolutely brilliant and I’m pretty sure he is now my favorite character. I also liked the addition Victra, who is a total bad ass yet someone still totally on Darrow’s side. I cannot wait to see how Darrow’s relationships with these characters develop in the third book.

I’m rating Golden Son 4/5 stars.


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