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Review: The Map From Here To There by Emery Lord

Title: The Map From Here To There

Author: Emery Lord

Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary

In short: A book about that tumultuous last year of high school

No spoilers

A young adult contemporary novel was just what I needed right about now. The Map From Here To There just seemed so normal in a time when nothing is normal. The book explores the transition period between finishing school and leaving college and the things many teenagers have to deal with around this time. It’s a real balancing act trying to deal with school, relationships, extra activities, university applications and part-time work and I think Lord captures this period of time well. It’s the sort of book I needed in my last year of high school. It was also fun to read.

I loved the relationships between Paige and all her high school friends. I haven’t read the predecessor to this book, but they all felt genuine and real. I also enjoyed the scenes where Paige and her cinema work-mate Hunter share banter – it reminded me of some of the things I used to get up to with my part-time work mates in high school.

Of course, being a Young Adult book things aren’t always perfect for Paige in her last year of high school. Most of the time, these things help drive this narrative forward and make it exciting. But I felt like some of the time a few of the characters weren’t behaving in ways I’d expect them too.

For a majority of the novel I got the sense that Paige and her boyfriend don’t really belong together. But reading other reviews I get the sense that this isn’t true. That in fact, their relationship was an integral part of the previous novel and that it’s the reason a lot of people have already picked this book up. I think Lord was trying a little too hard to create tension in this novel where there should have been none. I mean, it was realistic to real life but I’m not at all convinced that it was realistic to these characters.

All in all, The Map From Here to There is a good book and I think it’s just the sort of narrative that a lot of year 12’s need in their life – if only only reassure them that everything is going to be alright.

Thanks to Bloomsbury for sending me a copy of this book for review. I’m rating this book 3/5 stars.



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