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Review: The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski‎

Title: The Last Wish

Author: Andrzej Sapkowski‎

Genre: Fantasy/Short Story

In short: A great introduction to the vast world of The Witcher. 

No spoilers

I started playing The Witcher 3 late last year on PS4. Instantly I became obsessed. A fantasy world full of magical creatures, magic and interesting characters? The Witcher was right up my alley! As soon as I discovered that the games were based off books I knew I simply had to read them. After a little research I found that it would be best to delve into the books right at the start – with a series of short stories called The Last Wish. 

I loved each and every one of these stories. They were all so easy to read. All were entertaining, though some were more interesting than others. In particular, I was impressed with the short stories which had particular folk tales woven into them. (Though twisted of course!).

The Witcher world is unique among fantasy worlds. Sure there are some mythical creatures, but the scope of different species of them is a little astounding. Even Geralt has to examine many, many clues throughout the stories in order to find out what it is he is dealing with. Coupling this world with the short story format made The Last Wish quite a refreshing fantasy read.

My only qualm was with the amount of dialogue in the book. Sometimes, it felt a little like I was reading a script instead of a story. (The flip side of this is that all the characters were very vibrant).

I cannot wait to see where Geralt’s adventures take him next.

I’m rating this one 4/5 stars.



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