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Review: The Way of Kings part two by Brandon Sanderson

the way of kingsTitle: The Way of Kings Part Two

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Genre:  Fantasy

In short: Part two of The Way of Kings is just as epic as part one.

No spoilers

What can be said about The Way of Kings part two that I didn’t already say in my review of part one?

Not much.

This book is everything part one was but amplified. The world building. The characters. The plot. All of it gets so much better.

Especially the plot. The twists which I have now come to know Brandon Sanderson so well for present themselves in the second half of The Way of Kings. So many brilliant twists. I. Can’t. Even.

Then there is the character development. Nearly every character hit a major turning point in this book. Each of which had me rooting for the characters a little bit more than I had in the first book. (I may have even done a little fist pumping for them).


The Way of Kings is simply brilliant. Thrilling. Exiting. It had all of my sense tingling. I can see myself easily becoming a dedicated fan to this series.

I’m rating this one 5/5 stars. the way of kings


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