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The problem with being a bookworm…

Hi all,

We all know being a bookworm has many benefits. I mean, science suggests reading more makes you smarter (duh). We also get to live thousands of lives, meaning we’re never really bored. Unfortunately, like everything being a bookworm has a downside. Here are 10 problems bookworms might have.

  1. Not enough shelf space    overflowing-bookcasesAs a collector of books you may have encountered the issue of not having enough shelf space to store your books. Hence books tend to end up stacked on the floor, on the desk, piled 20 high on the bedside table, the kitchen table and maybe even in your toilet. Despite this, you continue to buy MORE books because, hey – pretty cover!

  2. Forever misplacing your bookmarks

I know not everyone does this. But it’s a big issue for me. I’ll pretty much read anywhere and everywhere (when I’m cooking, in the bath, in bed, on the couch, on the floor). So my bookmarks end up all over the place (between cushions, under beds, on the floor). I usually just give up searching and pop whatever I can find between the pages. (Usually receipts, bills or chocolate wrappers).

3. Having a never-ending TBR pile.


Being part of a book loving community has its quirks. You get to talk about stories and share experiences with other people. Unfortunately this also means you’re also forever getting book recommendations, meaning as soon as one book is read there is always 20 more books you really want to read waiting for you.

4. You are more prone to spontaneous emotional outbursts.

You know, when your’e sitting on the train and your favourite character dies. So you cry and cry and cry. Or when you’re sitting in the bedroom where it is quiet and start laughing uncontrollably.

5. Getting upset when you accidentally damage your books (or worse, someone else does). 

Accidents will happen. Being the clutz I am and eating and drinking while I read – I’ve often accidentally spilt droplets of coffee and crumbs on my books. And yeah, I’ve sometimes tripped over some poor victims on the floor. In some ways it adds to the character. But it’s still sad when a book no longer has that crisp newness about it.


I’m so sorry. 

6. Not being able to decide what to read next 

This comes with the ever increasing TBR pile. There’s always at least four you want to read RIGHT NOW. But alas, time constraints.

7. Book hangovers

You know, when you’ve been so lost in a book that you can’t imagine ever reading about characters from another book – ever again, because Tom and Harry are everything. 

8. Never having enough space in your bag because it is taken up by books 

Okay. So I often have to carry my lunch in my hands because there is no room in my bag. But at least I’ve got mid-afternoon entertainment sorted.

9. Coming back to reality after finishing a really good book 

Most of us read books to escape reality, because reality sucks sometimes. But what is worse is finishing a book and then having to cope with feels while thinking about what to cook for dinner.

10. When your reading time is interrupted. 

Please don’t talk to me when I’m reading. I will get angry. Probably.


What problems have you encountered as a bookworm? Please share them in the comments.




5 thoughts on “The problem with being a bookworm…

  1. while reading your post i was like ‘ agh yea’ , nodding along the way. the worst in my opinion is book hangovers although it means the book is really good but i can’t do anything after

  2. Truer words haven’t been said.
    Also the money side, wanting all the books but having moths fly out of your wallet preventing you.
    Plus the dealing with people who don’t understand how you can love books so much (most of my extended family called him names when I would get excited about receiving books for Christmas 😐)

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