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Review: The Name of the Wind

the name of the wind

Title: The Name of the Wind

Author: Patrick Rothfuss

Genre: Fantasy/epic fantasy

Okay. Turns out I am an absolute sucker for epic fantasy novels. I think they just feel more involved to me. There is more time to get invested in the characters. There are more complex world’s, which means better, bigger and cooler magic.

Therefore, it goes without saying that I loved this book.

It’s mostly told from the perspective of Kvothe – who is this character who very smart, but also very human (which is why I ended up liking his character so much.)

The start of the book lands us on his doorstep, third person style while we’re also introduced to the Chronicler (ie. the guy who is recording Kvothe’s persepctive). It’s an interesting set up as we’re taken through the past which is interjected with scenes from the present moment where the Chronicler is recording the story. It seems to me like these scenes give some hints as to where the story is headed – so really I didn’t mind. (Okay, yeah I loved the way it was written).

That said, I did have a few issues with this book.

The first is the introduction of characters – without preamble. It’s like there is ‘this guy’ and then – all of a sudden the guy has a name, without the name having ever been said by any other character. It’s not a big deal but it irks me.

Kvothe is hopelessly stuck as his teenage self for most of the novel. Ah, that awkward teenage phase. I was kinda thinking I’d see some scenes where he just kicks ass and loses some of his awkwardness. Alas, Kvothe is still doing silly things that make me want to smash his head against a wall at the end of the book. I guess it’s a good thing, it does make his character seem more human. And I mean, he does some clever stuff – but it still felt a little anti-climactic to me.

However, ff you love your fantasy books like me, I can’t recommend this book enough. It was a cleverly written, thoroughly enjoyable read.

I’m rating it 4/5 stars.



3 thoughts on “Review: The Name of the Wind

  1. I saw this pass by on my reader and was like “Hey! That’s on my TBR-shelf at home!”
    Your review made me up this a few notches on my TBR-list, haha. So thank you for that.
    I definitely need a new world to lose myself into; love it when a book succeeds at doing that!

  2. Nice review! I love this book, and the sequel “Wise Man’s Fear”. I totally agree with your comment about epic fantasy; I love getting invested in characters.
    Have you read Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastards series? Very similar 🙂

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