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Review: Graced by Amanda Pillar




Title: Graced

Author: Amanda Pillar

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance

No spoilers. 


So this was a quick, fun read. The characters were great. The concept was pretty cool. And there were some really diverse characters – which I think is absolutely necessary in any book. But it just lacked a few extra things which could have taken this book from okay, to great.

Firstly, the plot.

The story follows a few different characters. All who of course, have a little role in the end of the book – tying it nicely together. (So, okay – that makes sense). But, there was hardly any build up to the ending – making it very anti-climatic.

Secondly, there is a lack of ‘fleshing out’. I had trouble trying to imagine the type of world this book is set in – simply because there wasn’t much in the way of describing settings. Then there are a whole lot of things going on in the world – an entire hierarchy I which I was uncertain of how it worked.

I mean, genuinely, truly I think this book simply is too short for what needs to happen in it. There are ‘romance’ storyline’s – both of which are given almost no time to develop – I really would have liked to have seen some more scenes between these characters to build up the tension between them, (but I am a romantic at heart).

I rated this one 3/5 stars.



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