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Review: Dune by Frank Herbert


Title: Dune

Author: Frank Herbert

Genre: Sci-fi

No spoilers

If you haven’t heard of Dune, the first thing you should know about it is that it is considered a classic. First published in 1965, it was probably a one of a kind book back then. A sci-fi written similarly to the way an epic fantasy is written. That is, war, politics, really, really good world building, oh and it kinda takes place over a few years – so a lot of interesting things happen.

I just – didn’t like it very much.

This book took me an entire month to read. Not because of a lack of time, but because I just wasn’t all that enthralled with it.

There were I a few reasons why I struggled to get through this book.

The first is the amount of dialogue in this book. The bulk of it is characters talking – about what, I’m still not sure. I didn’t really always fully understand what they were talking about. I mean, in a good book a lot of dialogue will drive the narrative forward, but in this book it was a little draining.

That and the fact that the narrator is omnipresent. Just in case you need a refresher – here is what that means:

omnipresent (adjective):

  • (of God) present everywhere at the same time.

So here and there the book tells you random characters thoughts. Which I find nearly always to be confusing – no matter how well it is done. It never even adds anything to the story.

I also didn’t enjoy the plot. There was this whole ‘chosen one’ thing going on – but I didn’t really like the character who had been chosen.

There were also a lot of things going on. Revenge, politics, religion, fighting, love. It felt all very condensed to me.

I understand there are some very interesting ideas within this book – but usually I read a book to enjoy it for it’s characters, it’s story – and how coherent it is. If some cool discussions come out of it – that’s just an added bonus.

I’m rating this one 2/5 stars.




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