Let’s talk books: book blogger Q&A

I thought it’d be fun to do a little Q&A here on my blog (myself answering the questions of course). Many thanks to my fellow bookstagrammers and book bloggers for supplying them. (I have linked each of their accounts).

What book (or book series) got you into reading?


Harry Potter. I know it did for a lot of people – but it did for good reason. Harry Potter was part of my child. My Mum started reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to me when I was just seven years old (and then we realised it was the third book) – so we went back and got the very first. She started reading it to me and I finished reading it all by myself and I have been reading books ever since.

How many books do you own, exactly?


I can’t count exactly how many books I own – because half of them are currently packed away in boxes at my parents house but I will count the books I currently have in the room with me for you.


Okay. So in total I have 68 books. However, I also have quite a few still at my parents house at home. Who even knows how many are there. Probably 100.

What are your top 3 genres?


  1. Young Adult Fantasy – I am total trash for this. Most of the books I post reviews for on here are Young Adult Fantasy!
  2. Science Fiction – I just love the infinite possibilities it presents, have a peep at this post to see all the reasons why I love this genre.
  3. Historical fiction – I don’t read enough of it. But Outlander. Seriously. History is kinda magical at times.


What book would you like made into a movie?

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I would LOVE to see her characters represented on screen. So diverse. So kick-ass. And the plot would make for a really thrilling film.

Favourite quote from a book?

Probably the last line in The Great Gatsby. Though it is always so hard to choose just one – this one kinda hits me in the feels every time I read it.



What’s you’re fave genre to read?


Fantasy. Although Sci-Fi is fast catching up – I still prefer my tales with dragons, magic and adventure.


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