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Review: The Secret Science of Magic by Melissa Keil

the secret sciene.jpg


Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary/Romance

No major spoilers. 


I received this #LoveOzYa novel as part of the April YA Chronicles, “Bippity, boppity books’ subscription box (click here for a full unboxing).

Set in the Australian city of Melbourne the book follows Sofia and Joshua as they deal with the awkward magic of teenage romance.

Sofia is a math and science nerd who struggles with anxiety and Joshua is a history geek who is talented in magic tricks.

Both characters were interesting and realistic. I found myself able to relate to Sofia and her uncertainty when it came to thinking about her future. I loved Joshua and his obsession with history and I thought it was cool how Keil included some of her previous characters in his friendship circle. The relationship between Joshua and his sister was also quite sweet.

However, I thought it was strange that the parents of both main characters were almost absent in the book. I mean, sure there were mentions, but I don’t really seem to remember any speaking parts – and considering parents are a vital part of most teenagers upbringing I thought this was a major oversight.

Despite this, there were some pretty special moments in this book. I loved seeing the romance grow between these two characters and I loved the little facts Keil included when writing from Sofia’s point of view.

I think this is a wonderful read which represents life as a teenager in Australia well.

I’m rating this one 3/5 stars.


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