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Beauty and the Beast: a magical reimagining. (Film review)

If you haven’t seen all the hype surrounding Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live action remake you’ve probably been living in a gutter. All across my own social media channels there has been influx of roses, GIF’s and love hearts (of course, all reactions to the film). Being an avid Disney fan and Beauty and the Beast being one of my favourite Disney films I simply had to go along and see what all the fuss was about.

I was not disappointed.

And if you are a fan of the original animated version – you won’t be either.

The live action remake of Beauty and the Beast has all the charm of the animated version. There is the adorable mother-son duo Mrs Potts and Chip are given a realistic make-over for the remake, along with old favourites Cogsworth the clock and Lumiere. Of course, this doesn’t make the characters any less likeable than they were in the original. In fact, I found several characters to be more-so.

The remake explores all the characters from the classic animated tale on a deeper level.  Beast and Belle are given new backstories in the form of scene’s which capture elements of both their childhood’s and how they have had a profound impact on each character.

However, the character which is afforded the most additional depth is LeFou, who is seen to be extremely affectionate towards Gaston and is even shown dancing with a male character at the conclusion of the film. I found the scenes with LeFou and Gaston are amongst some of the most enjoyable in the film.

gaston and lefou

Gaston and LeFou in the liver action remake of Beauty and the Beast. 

The film follows the animated version almost shot for shot at points – with the addition of a few new songs and new versions of some of the old ones. (I was unduly devastated that Gaston did not sing the line about his hair). The new songs add character to the film but none were very memorable for me.

What was most memorable for me, was the rendition of the ‘ballroom dance’ scene and the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ song. There is a slow reveal of Belle’s reimagined dress

Of course, the film is not without fault. Whilst the Beast is given a magnificent set of eyes the CGI fur doesn’t quite make its mark. The issue of Beasts treatment of Belle is still there – although Disney have tried to give his behaviour some justification there are many who might still find this part problematic. Having grown up with this film and never having seen it this way – I don’t see it as totally ruining the film – for me, the main message still is not to ‘judge a book by its cover’.

Fans of the Disney original are sure to appreciate this remake. It is also sure to please many generations to come with its charming characters and beautiful music.



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