10 Bookish Confessions

Whether it be dog-earring pages, bending covers or not having read the Harry Potter series, we’re all guilty of committing some bookish sin. So in the spirit of redemption I have written a little confession for you all. Some will make yo cringe and some will make you laugh – and others you might be able to relate to yourself.

  1. I don’t own a library card.                                                                                                   I haven’t even been to a library to check out a book since checking out books in high school. Life just got busy I guess – and the books aren’t overly expensive to buy.
  2. My TBR pile is tiny.                                                                                                                          I see other book bloggers posting about their massive to be read piles all the time. I     often see other bloggers post pictures of an entire set of shelves filled with books they haven’t read. My own pile however contains less than 10 books.
  3. I read the last line of the book way before reach the last page.                            Usually a couple chapters in I’ll flip to the last page of the entire book and find the last line and read it. I always enjoy reading it and then finding out how the book arrives at that singular, last line.
  4. I can read pretty much anywhere.                                                                                               In the car, in the bath, on a train, on the toilet, on the floor, on the grass, on the beach and sometimes while even walking to the bedroom. If I’m hooked on a book, it literally hardly even leaves my hands.
  5. I don’t think the book is always better than the movie.                                                       Some stories are just better on screen and some are better off screen. For instance, I enjoyed Stardust the movie more than I enjoyed the book.
  6. I often skim over large sections of text in books.                                               Sometimes the book is so damn boring that I simply feel the need to skip to the part where it gets exciting. Sometimes, I just get distracted and forget what page I was on.
  7. I have never listened to an audio book                                                                                      I have absolutely no excuse for this, I have just never gotten around to it.
  8. I’m hard on my books                                                                                                                          I often leaves books lying about on the floor. Or open and face down. I also have a tendency to drag them into the kitchen, read while I am eating, or drinking coffee. Sometimes I sleep with them on my bed (they pretty much always fall off). I just like to read as much a possible – so I don’t have enough time to be overly careful about it.
  9. I don’t own two copies of any book.                                                                                        (Illustrated versions of Harry Potter do not count). I just can’t justify buying the same book – when I could buy an entirely new book.
  10. I often nitpick at an author’s writing                                                                                       Some sentences just make me snigger – or cringe and I will go about and repeat these sentences to everyone in the vicinity after I read them. This almost never has an impact on how much I enjoy a book. It’s just me being a hypocrite (my own writing is no where near perfect either.)

So there you have it. I feel so good now I have gotten that off my chest. Do any of these confessions apply to you? Or are there some other bookish sins not mentioned which you have committed? Share them below!


4 thoughts on “10 Bookish Confessions

  1. Number 1, 4, 6, 7 and 10 are honestly me as well. I nitpick an author’s writing all the time (like in my recent review of The Star Touched Queen). I also have never listened to an audiobook. 😂

  2. Agree with 9, the only books I own two copies of are the Hogwarts Library books and I have the illustrated editions of HP. I would like to own more copies of my favourite books that have amazing covers. But I choose to buy a different book rather than one I already have.
    Most of the rest of them you are the opposite to me though 😂
    I have a library card, I think I’ve used it once.
    I am currently relistening to the Harry Potter series on audiobook AGAIN!
    I am usually really carefully with books, the one I’m reading stays on my bed at night but up in the corner, so it doesn’t get damaged.
    I could never skip over pieces of a book, even if it is a bit boring. Neither could I skip to the last page and read the last sentence before I get to it.
    And I can’t read anywhere either, I still get minor motion sickness, so I can’t read in a moving vehicle, don’t know about a train as there isn’t passenger trains in the small town I live in. I would like to read on the beach, but it’s 6 hours away and I also hate noise while reading. So it would have to be a very quiet beach. 😂😂

    Awesome confessions 😊

  3. I can’t believe your TBR is 10 books, that is AWESOME! I mean, mine is like 200+ and sometimes that terrifies me but mostly it excites me. And I’m your opposite: I always buy multiple editions of books because I can’t resist a special edition of my fave ahaha! Awesome post. ❤

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