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Review: The Hero of Ages

hero of ages.jpg

Title: The Hero of Ages

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Genre: Fantasy

No spoilers. 

The Hero of Ages is a book of resolutions. Every chapter starts by revealing some secret, or previously unknown fact (unless you’re a great at figuring out the plots of books). Each of these facts brings us closer to the ultimate resolution – who The Hero of Ages is. And let me tell you – the answer is not disappointing. In fact – it was probably one of the most exciting resolutions in the book.


Despite the fact nearly every question raised throughout this series is answered in this one book – I am still uncertain how I feel about the resolutions which are offered. For me it felt like a bit too much, too soon.

Then there were moments which made me question everything that had happened in the previous books up until now. I struggled to understand the sudden relevance of having an entirely new story line revolving around Spook and the Kandra, TenSoon. Whilst these story line’s do have some implication at the end of the book – I felt it no where near warranted the significance these characters were rewarded throughout this book.

In comparison to the first two novels in the series this book tends to go back to the basics of the story, paring it back to the big questions such as how did the world become the way it is and why Allomany exists. Whilst I know many people saw this conclusion coming – I didn’t. In fact I had very little inclination about where the story was headed. Therefore, the conclusion  felt a little grandiose to me.

This of course doesn’t make these books any less brilliant. Sanderson had a very obvious outline for where these books were headed. The world building throughout all these novels is amazing – and in the last book you get to appreciate it the most. The ending is bittersweet – I wept and laughed many times and I have to say I’m certainly going to miss these characters.

I’m rating this book 3.5/5.




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