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Review: The Well of Ascension

the well of ascension.jpg

Title: The Well of Ascension (Mistborn #2) 

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Genre: Fantasy

No spoilers. 

After finishing whirlwind ride which is The Final Empire (Mistborn #1), I was pretty excited to delve into the second book in the series – a 700 page monster titled The Well of Ascension. 


I am no stranger to big books having read the entire Game of Thrones series to date, as well as the entire Outlander series. In fact, I often enjoy reading lengthier book – as long as they keep me hooked for the duration of the novel. Unfortunately, this was a teeny issue in The Well of Ascension, as the bulk of the novel focuses primarily on character development and offers little in the way of revelations until the end of the book.

To put it into perspective, there are three armies marching on Luthadel at the start of the book – and none of them attack until the very end of the book – leaving roughly 500 pages – of well, not much action.

I think part of the problem for in this book for me was anticipationI’m usually a patient person but waiting 500 pages for something BIG to happen may have stretched me a little too far. (Think about Game of Thrones and the promise Winter is Coming – in the books it feels like it’s been coming for so long you feel as if it will never happen.)

However, the finale in this book is huge. And not huge as in long, but huge because there are some massive plot developments. Plot developments which literally broke my heart in two.  This somewhat makes up for how awfully slow this book felt in comparison to The Final Empire.

The ending also leaves a lot of questions about how this trilogy might finish. And what the hell all of it means. I’m certainly not going to wait to find out and I’ll be delving straight into The Hero of Ages in the hopes some of the questions raised throughout the first two novels will be answered (fingers crossed I don’t have to wait for the last 100 or so pages for them only to be answered all at the same time.)

To those of you who have read The Final Empire – but have yet to read The Well of Ascension or are struggling with it – hang in there. The ending is well worth the wait. (But also make sure you have the last book handy for when you finish it – you will need it!)

I’m rating this book 3.5/5 stars.



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