Things I discovered in my first 6 months on bookstagram

1. What bookstagram is.                                                                                                                       For those of you who are reading this and have no idea what bookstagram is I provide you with this short but definitive definition: bookstagram = instagram featuring books.

I first came across a bunch of bookish accounts during my browsing on Instagram about 6 months ago. I was awestruck. How could so MANY people have such pretty accounts all for the purpose of sharing books? It was then I decided that I too, must have a bookstagram account.

2. What ‘aesthetic’ really means.

I mean I already knew what it meant but in all seriousness bookstagrammers are VERY serious about their aesthetics.

My aesthetic is high contrast, coffee, candles, old books, shadowy rooms and trees.


3. Everyone is genuinely lovely.

Which leads me to the assumption that people who read books really are the BEST people on this planet.

I haven’t yet seen one person get ‘nasty’ on bookstagram.

4. What ‘bookish’ means. 

‘Bookish’ is a general term which pretty much refers to anything book related. I.e my Instagram account is ‘bookish’ because it primarily features books.

5. The importance of hashtags


I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I started gaining followers on my bookstagram account – and it’s all thanks to hashtags. Pretty quickly I learnt that you ca put hashtags in the comments section of your picture (making captions far less messy) and that the more hashtags you use the more followers you get!

6. Bookstagram fuels book buying

Ok. So I’ve been meaning to get to the library pretty much since I started reading so much – but then there is the convenience of being able to buy books from the comfort of your own home! I have bought so many I’ve had to stack books on my desk in piles and have had to ask my Dad to make book shelves to replace my underused desk.


7. Bookish merch

As if I needed an excuse to fangirl anymore than I already do – people are contantly promoting ‘bookish’ items on Instagram. Book candles, book marks, book scarves, bookish mugs, book badges. This is why I am broke! There are so many adorable etsy store’s that make adorable things – and I NEED them all.

8. Bookstagram is a community

It’s not about the photographs. It’s about sharing a love for something we all have in common: books!

9. The new Instagram algorithm sucks

Some weeks I’ll get a tonne of followers and likes – other weeks nada. Then there are accounts I have to visit on my own – or forget about because their pictures don’t show up on my feed. Also if I want to comment on someone’s post the response isn’t instantaneous because often Instagram will show me posts hours and even days old! UGH!

10. Being a rep is like, the best thing ever.

I was lucky enough to be a rep for an Etsy store called Charmed Fiction during the past couple of months. Basically this meant that I got sent cute little bookmarks to post pictures of on my account!







2 thoughts on “Things I discovered in my first 6 months on bookstagram

  1. This is all so very true! I too discovered bookstagram not too long ago (sometime around May-June of last year) and I am always struck by how awesome it is. The book community has renewed my love for reading (even more so). It’s great! I love it! I am still discovering new things and new ways to reach more people. I had no idea that posting hashtags in the comments section can work so well. I’ll have to give that a try!

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