10 Things Every Bookworm Will Love This Christmas

What do you give a book lover for Christmas?

The options are pretty much endless: books, books more books. Or bookish related things. (There are SO many). Lucky for you I’ve narrowed the list down to my favourite top ten – cutest and most functional bookish bits and bobs!


  1. The Enchanted library candle from Form and Flux.



“With aromas of vanilla, parchment, honey and coffee beans, the Enchanted Library soy wax candle provides a feeling of contentment similar to that of being surrounded by shelves filled with books. “

-Sounds perfect right?

2. An ampersand necklace. 


Need I say more?


3. A personal library kit


If your bookworm pal has enough books they probably already function as a community library – this cool kit will help em’ keep track of books people borrow from their collection.


4. A litograph t-shirt.


These gorgeous printed shirts have the text from a book written all over them. The options are – pretty much endless – like this Outlander inspired one!

5. A reading journal.

reading journal.jpg

Help them keep track of their reading habits by providing them with a reading journal!

6. A mug (or other bookish related print item) – from Society 6 

books and coffee.jpg

There is an insurmountable amount of bookish related prints which you can get on mugs, pillows, shirts etc on Society 6 (and they seem to have free international shipping a LOT which is a bonus!)

7. A book box subscription! 

ya chronicles subscribe.png

I’ve linked here one of my favourite book subscription boxes. But there are SO many different ones out there you’re sure to find one that will have your book loving pal grinning from ear to ear on a monthly basis when a new book arrives on their doorstep.

8. A clip lamp

clip lamp.jpg

This little guy will help your book loving pal read better – in the dark. (The best time to read IMO). And these babies are available everywhere.


9. A book hook

book hook.jpg

I’m a shocker for placing a book face down instead of using a bookmark – this little guy therefore is a perfect bookish gadget for someone like me as the book just goes on top. You can also use the middle bit to store stuff – like glasses (and treats). These aren’t as easy to find – but I can bet if you can find a handy-man they’d be able to whack this cool doodad up in a jiffy!

10. A charming bookmark

charmed bookmark.jpg

And of course – a bookmark. These are currently my faves (ribbons yasss!!!) – and there are a whole bunch of themed one’s available.


(FYI: No one paid me to promote their stuff here – I just really like these bookish things).



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