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Review: Gemina


Title: Gemina

Author (s): Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Genre: Young Adult/Sci-Fi

No major plot spoilers.

So – I have finally finished this little gem and I thought I would write up a quick review for ya’ll.



Firstly if you haven’t read the Illuminae files – get on it. It is SERIOUSLY amazing – and it will probably change your perspective on reading altogether – it might even change your life.

Gemina is the sequel to Illuminae – the hit YA/Sci-Fi novel co-authored by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Set in a the same format Gemina mirrors its predecessor in many ways.

For example once again there are two – seemingly star-crossed lovers who are brought together by fate. There is also something out to destroy their space vessel. Once again there is also an infestation set out to kill people and once again there is also a kick-ass female at the helm to save the day.

Some people might find this mirroring frustrating – but I can understand fully why the book has been done this way and guess what? It works. 

Whilst there are some similarities between the characters in Illuminae and the one’s in Gemina I found the new cast to be equally as exciting as the cast from the first novel. (Okay so I’m all for ass-kicking females – because of course we females can kick-ass). The chemistry between these characters also melted my heart a little at points (and stung it at others).

Then there is the addition of journal illustrations by Marie Lu – which added a whole new dimension to the telling of the story through various files (I secretly wish there had been more of them).

Gemina is also far more detailed than Illuminae – with a vast majority of the story told through transcriptions of surveillance footage as well as through IM chat rooms. The added detail added greatly to my enjoyment of the novel as I found it easier to relate to – what was happening.

Then there are the plot twists -which work so well in favour of this novel – I can’t even begin to put into words (without spoiling the story) how impressed I was with this novel.

Put simply, The Illuminae Files is the quintessential young adult fantasy series for the twenty first century. By taking elements of both young adult and sci-fi genres and putting them into this unique format Kaufman and Kristoff have truly created something special.

I’m rating this book 5/5 stars.



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