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Review: Three Dark Crowns



Title: Three Dark Crowns

Author: Kendare Blake

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy

No spoilers



I received this book as part of the YA Chronicles September (You win or you die) box. Unsurprisingly – the book promises to be a Game of Thrones-esque story where three sisters of different powers all vie for the same crown.

Unfortunately there isn’t really any contending for the crown in this book – as it focuses mainly on the development of each of the characters powers and – their love lives. I think it’s fair to say – they are all pretty sucky contenders for the crown from the get-go.

The first two thirds of this book were INCREDIBLY boring. I mean sure I was hooked in with the gorey descriptions of poison eating at the start (which really added nothing to the story anyway) – but the rest of the time I found myself skimming over pages from frustration. This book simply did not live up to my expectations.

Then there was the matter of the third person present tense – I know I’m being picky – but with the three points of view – I found it oftentimes hard to follow what was actually going on.

Some other reviewers have pointed out that this book gets better at the end – and I mean it kinda does – but not to the point where the ending blew me away. The whole thing felt a little monotonous to me.

I can’t say there were really any attributes to this book which made it somewhat enjoyable – so I probably won’t be reading the sequel when it is published.

I’m rating this book 1/5 stars.



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