Fantastic Beasts and Books Photo Challenge



My very first photo challenge/bookstagram challenge #fantasticbeastsandbooks!

I’m not usually one to gloat-but I do believe it should be A LOT of fun.

Anyway-for those of you who don’t know what some of these beasts are and why I have chosen certain prompts for them here is a little explanation of each prompt.

  1. Acromantuala (Chapter 8)

A giant spider. This one is pretty self explanatory-a spider has eight legs-hence the bookish prompt-chapter 8.

2. Clabbert (lights/fairylights)

These guys are a little weird-a cross between a monkey and a frog with a large glowing pustules on its head-which have been mistaken by muggles to be fairy lights.

3. Ashwinder (Book and Candle)

A serpent which is created from the remains of a fire-of course a candle was as far as I was willing to go with this prompt!

4. Kappa (favorite Vampire book)

A Japanese water demon that feeds on the blood of humans. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate prompt.

5. Basilisk (a book you couldn’t finish)

We all know the true reason you didn’t finish that book-probably because you looked at one of these guys a little too closely…

6. Doxy (favorite standalone)

These guys are tiny-unlike entire book series which are huge. (truthfully this was like the last one I had to think of a prompt for okay?)

7. Crup (pet and book)

Basically a Jack Russel Terrier with a forked tail. These guys make excellent pets for witches and wizards. So why don’t you show me some of your pets?

8. Augrey (book and sky)

Also known as the Irish Phoenix (flying+bird =sky) Bonus points if you can hold up Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for this picture!

9. Imp (Fast-paced read)

These guys are small-and therefore fast. So for this prompt I want to see small books that took a short amount of time to read.

10. Bowtruckle (book and nature)

These little guys are no unlike stick insects and inhabit trees as their guardians. For this prompt I want you to show me a shrubbery!

11. Erumpent (big books)

These guys are RARE, dangerous and HUGE (think a Rhino)-therefore I want the BIGGEST BOOKS YOU OWN (bonus points if they are rare).

12. Centaur (book you won’t read)

Okay-I couldn’t think of a related prompt for this one either-but I knew I had to put a Centaur in the list somewhere-right?

13. Hippogriff (favorite Harry Potter novel)

If you get to ride one of these guys they must like you. So share me which Harry Potter book you most like. (I tried okay)

14. Chimaera (book that changed your mind about a series)

These guys are like the ultimate hybrid lion, goat and dragon-if this guy can’t change your mind about a series I don’t know what will! (So if you’ve read a book you liked and hated the second or vice versa this is what this prompt relates to)

15. Dragon (favorite book series)

A favorite series is a little like a dragon-magnificent.

16. Erkling (childhood books)

Erklings are elf like creatures that have an affinity for the taste of children-it’s horrid but that’s why children’s books are the prompt for day 16!

17. Fairy (favorite book covers)

These guys are vain. And if some book covers could come to life-I bet they would be too. Show me your pretty book covers!

18. Fwooper (rainbow books)

A colourful, magical African bird. In honour of this beast-show me your colorful books.

19. Grindylow (Harry Potter theme post)

Okay so I really wanted Grindylow in the list-but I couldn’t think of a related prompt-so here is a penalty pic of one!

20. Ghoul (a scary book)

Ghouls are described more so as gross and annoying in fantastic beasts but then again-that’s the way I see most horror films! Post a book that scared you for this prompt.

21. Merpeople (a shiny book)

Merpeople are pretty mysterious and shiny. (This just keeps getting worse right?) If you have a book with glitter text-this could be a good time to show it off. Or if the cover just has a nice sheen.

22. Gnome (book and flower)

Gnomes live in gardens with flowers. As do some lucky bookworms. Show me your nice buds!!

23. Phoenix (oldest book you own)

A phoenix is inmortal. Perhaps you might have a book that might as well be. Show me those yellowed pages.

24. Griffin (treasured books)

This eagle/lion hybrid is often used to guard treasure. How cool would it be to have one guarding your most treasured books? This is the kind of book you would take to a desert island with you if you could choose just ONE.

25. Pixie (book that made you laugh)

Mischief makers-these little guys like to play jokes on people. Show me a book-or mention a scene in a book that made you ROFL.

26. Werewolf (best character development in a book)

Ok-so this picture is openish-what I really want to see here are your comments-what in your opinion was the best character development you have seen in a book. (You could even do a picture dedicated to said character!)

27. Unicorn (beautiful spines)

Unicorns are beautiful. So are book spines. Show me the nicest you own!

28. Snidget (rare book you owned or wish you did)

Snall bird once used for quidditch-theze guys are incredibly rare. Just like books which are signed-or are rare editions.

29. Sphinx (post a riddle)

Human head body of a lion and likes to tell riddles. Secretly one of my fave beasts. Anyway-once again-the focus here is not on the book-but on the discussion-post a riddle/yours or someone elses. (Or if you wanna be funny-show me a Voldemort theme picture).

30. Troll (pet hate in a book)

TROLLS ARE STUPID-just like some things in books are. Maybe you hate the way a cover is made-the titles are written. Or maybe you hate love triangles. It could be that chapter preview posted in at the end of the book. This post is supposed to be fun! Show me what you don’t like to see in your books!



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