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Review: Cinder




Title: Cinder

Author: Marissa Meyer

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Sci-Fi

No major spoilers.

“I’m not sure I would label it a ‘survivor’, said Iko, her sensor darkening with disgust. “It looks more like a rotting pumpkin.”



I probably couldn’t count on one hand the amount of Cinderella movie adaptations and retellings I have seen. However this is the first retelling of Cinderella I have read in book form and, dare I say it,  it is also the best retelling of Cinderella I have so ever encountered.

Firstly there is the setting. Futuristic Beijing-think hover cars screens and plenty of robotics. The sci-fi elements in this book had me practically drooling with excitement.

Then there are the characters: Iko, an android with a ‘faulty’ personality chip. Kai, the charming prince of the commonwealth and uber hearthrob. Pearl and Adri who embody the wicked stepmother and stepsister aspect. They are perfectly cruel. Then there is Pearl, Cinder’s perfectly naive stepsister who isn’t quite as cruel as her mother and her sister.

Then of course there is Cinder. Part Cyborg and a mechanic. Meyer has created a main character who has depth, sarcasm and sass.

To top it off there is Dr Erland, who is mysterious and powerful and Queen Levana who is  manipulative and cruel.

Add in a horrible disease and a little bit of tension between nations into the boiling pot and you have the concoction which is Cinder.

However there are a few key problems with this book.

Firstly, the ending of this book and some plot points are very predictable from the start, whilst it doesn’t ruin the book it does mean it’s a little lackluster on the suspense front. Secondly, there are some things which could have been better explained in the book, such as how, when and why people live on the moon. However, I did not feel this information was vital to the story line of the book.

Nerd girls everywhere should rejoice. This book is a startlingly good retelling of an age-old fairy tale.

An easy, addictive read.

I’m rating it 4/5 stars.




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