10 things to do which will help you read more.

Struggling to fit reading in this schedule? Then this list of tips might just help you get motivated.
1. Learn to read everywhere.

On the toilet. On the train. The bus. In the car. In the bath. During lunch.


2. Take your books everywhere with you.


A handy hint is slipping a book into a pocket-a pocket size book-then you don’t even need to lug a bag around. The issue here is choosing a book small enough and interesting enough.

3. Take a bag of books with you, everywhere.

If the bag gets heavy enough, you’ll have to read them in order to make it lighter. Also if you’re in a slump this ensures you won’t run out of options to help you get out of it.

4. Make time to read by becoming a swapper. 

Look-you could watch Stranger Things-sure but is this valuable reading time? Maybe! My advice is to swap out time spent consuming other media-for time spent reading.


5. Dedicate certain times as reading times.

i.e. A chapter for bed. A chapter while I eat breakfast etc.

6. Use audio-books.

If you are an expert multi-tasker chuck on an audio book while you do house duties, while you drive or while you shower.

7. Read more than one book at a time.

Okay. I know some people can’t do this. But personally it helps me get out of slumps. Read a chapter of the book that put me in a slump here-and one that I love there and eventually the slump ends and I finish both books.

8. Set a reading goal but be realistic about it.

I set a goal this year to read a book a fortnight. The goal is realistic and it helps me keep a schedule-helps keep me motivated to keep reading.


9. Read books that interest you.

You’re hardly going to finish the damn book if it’s as boring as bat-shit (I know this is a little contradictory with point 7). But if you’re happy with having a pile of DNF books then this point may be relevant to you!

10. Go to the Library


I mean watching other people read? Being surrounded by books? This is the ideal place to get the motivation to read.



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