A book is a magic carpet

This week I asked my followers on Instagram the following question: “why do you read?”

To you this may seem like a silly question. But for a curious cat like me-the question has numerous possible answers, some inspiring, some personal and some entertaining. Below is a little collection of some of the answers I procured-hopefully they will inspire you to read more-or maybe they will just remind you what we all share when we share with each other a love of books.

“Because sometimes reality is just too hard and painful to bare with. I read to feel better, to fall in love all over again without being hurt.”

“It’s my safe place where the reality falls away and I’m transported to all the different beautiful worlds where I can learn and believe in the unimaginable.”

When I was in high school I was always sad, I don’t know why, but I was later diagnosed with anxiety. I’m still not too sure what caused it, but at the time of going through high school, struggling with anxiety (which is always a constant struggle) and trying to figure out who I was, books were always there for me. They were a constant friend, a constant companion and a constant escape. It was safe. It was kind and it was comforting. The characters became my friends and I found characters that I could relate to, that I could be ‘friends’ with. So I guess the answer to the question is that I read because it is an escape, it is comfort and friendship and safety all wrapped up in one. It’s the best thing in the world.”

“…Because it takes me to places I’ve never been to and know people without ever actually meeting them.”

“Cause that’s how I learned. From a very young age my Mom would read to me and buy me books. Also my parents are both bookworms and read many books so I haven’t learnt any other way of living. Cause to me reading is life. It’s what will make me feel better after a hard day and it’s what connects me with my parents. I always remembered that when my godmother would bring me a book for my birthday or Christmas I would be so happy and excited from a really young age. I just love it.”

“Books are both an escape and a retreat. They are there for you in good times and in bad times, offering exactly what you need in that moment. Reading is healing warmth and a cozy hug when you’re sad, sunshine and grass and a sea breeze when you’re happy.”

“Because it helps ease my stress and it takes me away from reality. Also it helps open my eyes to new perspectives and I just enjoy altogether.”

“I think I read books to escape every day life.”

“It’s a way to travel the world without leaving the couch.”

“I read to learn, to escape, to comfort myself, to entertain myself and to experience events, feel feelings and understand perspectives that are not my own.”

“I love seeing life through others’ perspectives. And you can go anywhere with the turn of a page!”

“Reading takes me to another wold when I want to escape my own. I am able to be somebody else. Be in their story and just be caught up in a story for a little bit before having to return to reality.”

“Because stories inspire me. Because I think stories help us understand the world. Because the world is filled with them. Because it is through stories we better understand each other and ourselves.”



4 thoughts on “A book is a magic carpet

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to give my opinion! It was amazing to read the similarities and differences to the reasons that we read.You definitely should do more posts like this as they are so nice to read and to relate to. 🙂

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