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Review: Six of Crows


Title:  Six of Crows

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy

No spoilers.

You may, or may not have noticed the amount of hype surrounding this book. For months I’ve seen reviews, pictures and quotes from this book posted on Instagram and in blogs, so naturally I had to see what all the fuss what about.

The hype is not at all unwarranted. This book is awesome. Firstly, I can’t really compare it to any YA fantasy book I’ve read before, which made it a unique read for me.

Secondly, the characters are amazing. Of course-there are six of them. All of them wonderfully flawed-all of them wonderfully human-and their interactions-simply perfect. It really is the characters that make this book so wonderful.

Thirdly-it’s well written and well thought out. There are plenty of plot twists and plenty of background stories which are interspersed throughout which make this book interesting without weighing the story down.

Anyway-just read it okay?

Rating: 5/5.




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