Review: The Secret Chord

the secret chord


Title: The Secret Chord

Author: Geraldine Brooks

Genre: Historical Fiction, Religion



Having enjoyed reading Year of Wonders I was excited to read Brooks latest novel, The Secret Chord which tells the story of the Old Testament’s King David. Knowing very little about David and David’s story-I had no expectations upon reading this book. I chose it because of my interest in stories passed through time and through history and re-tellings. However, after finishing this book I could not help but feel extremely disappointed.

At points, it was hard to keep reading the book. The timelines within it shifted a little too often. And the writing was at points laborious to read. I often found myself re-reading entire scenes-because I had gotten no notion from them what was actually going on or what point the story was at.

For me the failing of this book was the narrator-Natan-a prophet. I think it was a poor choice for this story. As a prophet Natan gave insights into the future as well as reflecting on the past and this I think, made the story dull as it lacked the suspense that would have been given if such forebodings had not been made part of the story.

Whilst at times Brooks elegant and colourful descriptions salvaged the story, my annoyance with the narrator ruined any chance of me being able to enjoy this story at all.

I’ve rated this book 2/5 stars on Goodreads.






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