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Reading diverse genres

So you love YA fantasy. That’s okay. So you love crime thrillers. That’s okay. So you love romance. That’s okay. So you love erotica. That’s okay too.

Books are a little like food. Think of the genres as different types of food. For example, broccoli as historical fiction and pineapple as true story, for example. You might absolutely love pineapple but you might hate broccoli. Similarly you might love true story novels but hate historical fiction. You see, it’s all to do with a little thing called taste. As human beings we all enjoy different things and that’s okay too.

However sometimes if we have too much of a good thing, i.e,  pineapple we miss out on all the nutrients broccoli has that pineapple doesn’t. I believe that it’s the same with books. If you read only crime novels, you’re missing out on what historical fiction has to offer etc. I believe that by reading different novels we can share in different types of knowledge and therefore have different experiences as a reader. More importantly by reading diverse genres we are introduced to diverse characters and diverse styles of writings. This in turn, I believe can make us better at understanding and better at communicating.

That’s why, like a balanced diet I try to read from as many genres of books as possible. And whilst you may see mostly sci-fi and fantasy reviews on this blog you might from time to time also find historical fiction, crime and romance reviews.

Do you think it’s important to read books from different genres? Why? Why not? Lert me know in the  comments below.






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