Review: Illuminae


Title:  Illuminae

Author (s): Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Genre:  Young Adult/ Sci-Fi

Adaptations: Maybe in the future.


Admittedly I didn’t know a whole lot about this book when I bought it. I had some idea about the format it was written in-but not really so when I opened up the book to find pages and pages of what looked like random files and documents-I was unsure what to think.

However, when I finished it there was only one possible conclusion to my feelings about this book and that is: that this book is crazy cool.

It’s crazy because it’s a non-traditional novel. The story is compiled in a way I certainly have never seen before. It was cool because in this book this format works incredibly well. Whilst I still prefer traditional novel formats, the way this book was laid out made it enjoyable to read and very hard to put down. Probably because there are no chapters and probably because it’s the sort of story which you get thrown into and kept on your seat the entire time for. I think the way the plot is written largely helps keep the format interesting.

I also loved the characters in this book. Their personalities shine through, despite the fact dialogue being the main way for the reader to get to know them. I think Kaufman and Kristoff have done a terrific job in crafting a unique and interesting story.

Can I critisize this book at all? I mean sure I could-but that would be nitpicking a GREAT book for the sake of nitpicking-so I’m just going to recommend that ya’ll read this book if you love YA novels and love sci-fi.

I’m giving it 4/5 stars.





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