Why I don’t own an e-reader

There are many benefits to being able to read a book on a device such as a Kindle, smart phone or a tablet. Books become more portable. You can have more than one book on you at once-without it weighing a tonne. Books are also cheaper and more easily accessed. You also don’t have to worry about people wanting to borrow your book and the accidentally destroying it on you. With so many benefits you’d think it strange a bookworm like me wouldn’t at least own an e-reader.

That said I have come up with a little list which pretty much summarizes all the reasons I prefer paper books (because list form is the best form right?)

  1. E-readers require a battery and thus, require recharging.


    First world problems right?

  2. They are breakable. I mean just about anything is. But if I hurl a book across the room because a character dies it’s far more likely to break than if I hurl an e-reader across the room.
  3. Books smell nice.


    Is there a better smell in the world?

  4. Books are heavy. Above I noted that the light weight compactness of an e-reader is beneficial. Well, it can also be a bad thing. It’s pretty easy to feel if you have a book-or a bunch of books in your bag-and therefore hard to lose. E-readers-probably not so much. Plus if the book weighs more, then perhaps the story weighs more? (Or am I getting too deep?)
  5. Books look nice on a shelf. Try display your e-reader with the same effect and I’ll give you a medal.
  6. Books don’t require artificial light. I mean, don’t we have enough back-lit devices in our lives? Computers, smart phones, tablets, eftpos machines, camera screens, televisions. The list is endless. Life is pretty much viewed through one big screen nowadays.
  7. Buying books supports the printing industry.  I mean books do kinda grow on trees but it takes a whole team of people to get them into our hands.
  8. The feel of turning pages. I like the whoosh of air when I turn over a new page. Finger flicking a screen is kind of mediocre in comparison.


Do you own an e-reader? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments!




2 thoughts on “Why I don’t own an e-reader

  1. I follow your bookstagram and came to your blog upon seeing a post on your Instagram. I completely agree with this post! I know that there are quite a number of benefits to an e-reader but I personally much rather books than reading from a electronic devices.

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