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Review: Leviathan Wakes


Title: Leviathan Wakes

Author: James S.A. Corey

Genre: Sci-Fi/Space Opera.

Adaptations: The Expanse


In my previous blog post I wrote about my top three favorite book to television adaptations. The third and most recent being SyFy series The Expanse. The first season is based loosely off the first book in The Expanse series by James S.A Corey (a pen name for co-authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), Leviathan Wakes. Having seen the first few episodes of The Expanse I had some idea of what was going to happen in this book, however, this didn’t make the book any less surprising.

Using the points of view of two very different characters, Miller and Holden, the authors craft a story which is full of action, mystery, horror and suspense. I was awestruck by the world building that has gone into this well-thought out space opera but perhaps even more impressive were the characters themselves and how real they seemed.

The book provides a lot of clarity to what happens throughout the television show-which I found at points moved too fast for me to understand what was happening-too fast to try and fit the pieces together. This made the book more enjoyable to read.

Reaching the end, it’s hard to know where the series will head after the first book, therefore it would be easy enough to read this book as a standalone. However, I liked this one so much, I’ll probably continue onward with the series.

In an interview at the back of the book the authors mention that they created the novel in order to bridge a gap-one where humanity has expanded out into the solar system-but hasn’t quite reached the stars yet. I think this book does this wonderfully.

For those of you who enjoy sci-fi I highly recommend this book.

I’m giving it 4/5 stars.



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