Favorite TV shows based on books

People have been basing television shows off books for years. Although it seems it’s not as common to turn a book into a television show as it is to turn it into a movie-it sure happens a lot. Books series that are long and complex often get this treatment, therefore I have found reading the reading of them can be a long task. However, I’ve also found it to be well worth it. So here I’ve listed my top three (current) TV shows which are based on books!


  1. A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones.GOT.jpg

I bet you’re all surprised to see this at the top of this list (not). Many, many people enjoy Game of Thrones as a television show. However, the books are equally as epic (especially G.R.R.M’s descriptions of food). It took me six months to read all the published books. But it was well worth it. Some moments were as shocking in the book as on the screen.

2. Outlander


I posted a little earlier that Claire and Jamie are my favorite bookish couple and that’s part of the reason why Outlander is on this list. The TV adaptation of Outlander is nothing short of brilliant. If you like romance, time travel, historical fiction and Scotland, then I cannot recommend this series enough. Also the costumes are amazing. For all you book nerds if you plan on reading the series be prepared to sit in for a long haul. There are currently eight published works in the series.

3. The Expanse


This one is the newest on the list. Having not completed the watching the first season and only having read a couple of chapters of the first book, I can’t say too much about it here. Set in a futuristic universe where humans have inhabited much of the solar system, it’s a sci-fi like no other sci-fi. I love the characters and the plot and, much like Game of Thrones it leaves a lot to speculate about which makes it completely engaging.

So there you have it: a brief list. So, a question for my followers: what book to television shows would you add to this list and why?





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