Review: The Passion of Dolssa

dolssa.jpgTitle: The Passion of Dolssa

Author: Julie Berry

Rating: 4/5.

No spoilers.

A little over a week ago I bought this book as part of Robinson’s Bookshop’s ‘Blind Date With A Book Initiative’. This meant that when I bought the book I had no idea who wrote it, or what the cover looked like. Wrapped in brown paper, there were only three clues given as to what the book was about: medieval, crusades and engaging. I had no idea what to expect.

When I first opened the book and read the title ‘The Passion of Dolssa’ I immediately thought-romance. Whilst there was plenty of love in this book, it was no romance. Set in the land of Provensa, the book follows the tale’s of Botille and Dolssa. Dolssa an alleged heretic who is being chased down by a relentless Friar.

Throughout this book Berry certainly crafts an intriguing story based upon history. Her strong female characters are witty and engaging and their relationships between each other perhaps even more so.

Certainly I can understand why this book was chosen as part of Robinson’s ‘Blind Date With A Book’ initiative.

If you love historical fiction with strong feamle leads, I highly recommend reading this book.


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