Review: Bloodline



Title: Bloodline

Author: Claudia Gray

Genre: Space Opera

Set in the time after the Empire was defeated and before The Force Awakes takes place, Bloodline largely focuses on Leia her role within the New Republic Senate and all the problems that go with that role.

There are some interesting characters introduced through the series and often the book focuses on these characters to tell the story-meaning the story isn’t always told from Leia’s point of view-as a first time reader of a Star Wars novel the different points of view greatly confused me and oftentimes I felt myself stumbling through the book and rereading pages in order to get a grasp of what was going on.

As a person who doesn’t greatly enjoy politics I didn’t enjoy the way the plot focused on the Senate and the politics involved with it.

Whilst it was nice to read more about characters I’ve loved in the movies, I found myself disappointed that there wasn’t a little more interactions between Han and Leia and I was doubly disappointed there was very little mention of Chewbecca.

Because of the political focus, I found this book at times a little dry. Of course there is action-Leia goes gallivanting around the galaxy-but it all felt a little lacklustre to me. The characters should have been interesting theoretically-but at times I felt their voices were a little lost.

However, I went into this book being a Star Wars fan-so my expectations were high and stories told in books are often drastically different to stories told in film. For me, the characters in this book didn’t seem to translate from film to book as nicely as I expected, therefore I was a little disappointed by read.

Rating: 2/5.




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