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Why Claire and Jamie Fraser are the best book couple ever


Since watching the first episode of Outlander  I have been obsessed with Claire and Jamie Fraser. Between gushing over pictures of the characters to gushing over pages and pages of steamy romance throughout the eight, large books I simply cannot get enough of this couple. So I’ve compiled a list below of reasons why Jamie and Claire are my favorite book couple ever.

  1. Their relationship feels realistic. The points below illustrate this and I think this point is what quite a few book couple miss out on.
  2. Neither character is perfect. Constantly throughout the books Gabaldon describes Jamie and Claire’s flaws, such as the fact Jamie is musically tone deaf and the fact what Claire is thinking always shows on her face. However each character accepts one anthers flaws without a grumble.
  3. They admire and respect each other. 
  4. They would do ANYTHING for each other. Anything, quite literally. Throughout the series the characters are wrenched away from each other time and time again. They even go so far as to kill for each other.
  5. They complete each other.  Jamie and Claire simply aren’t the same people without each other, as we learn from their numerous trials apart. They are strongest when they are together.
  6. They challenge each other. There are so many times in the series that the couple butt heads on things but they always resolve these issues.
  7. They treat each other as equals. Jamie respects Claire for wanting to work as a healer despite the fact it wasn’t not a common thing for a woman to do in the 18th century.
  8. Their steamy chemistry. It starts off awkwardly, as most relationships do, but as the series goes on the sex scenes in the books become steamier and steamier.  4157bac0-4138-11e4-bd4b-6563fe9e5fcd_Jamie-Fraser-Sam-Heughan-and-Claire-Randall
  9. They grow together and inspire each other. Despite spending time going in opposite directions when Jamie and Claire are reunited they continue to grow more and more as a couple. Indeed it becomes hard to imagine them being the characters they are without each other.
  10. They are honest with each other and trust each other. Even if the truth hurts, they don’t often hide things from each other. Even when they do, it’s not out of dishonestly but a need to protect each other.


Who is your favorite book couple? Let me know in the comments below!



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