Review: You Know Me Well

you know me well.jpg

Title: You Know Me Well

Author:Nina LaCour, David Levithan

Genre: Young Adult

Some spoilers.
This book is different from anything else I’ve ever read before therefore I went into it with zero expectations of what it was like. I’ve never read anything by either authors before and I certainly have never even read a co-authored book before, so this was a big change up from what I’m used to.

That said, I was bitterly disappointed by this book. For something that had so much potential to in portraying gay and lesbian characters I felt sorely let down. It wasn’t the idea-Pride Week and having two characters meet and become best friends it was how inauthentic the characters seemed.

Firstly the two main characters Katie and Mark meet at a bar and simultaneously become best friends in a single night. One lesbian and one gay. Prior to this moment they’ve sat next to each other in class but have never really talked to each other? This seems extremely unlikely to me. I don’t know much about how schools work in San Fran but where I’m from if you sit next to someone in class you inevitably talk to them at some stage.

Secondly, Katie is in love with this girl, Violet who she has never met. Completely and utterly in love. I know this is possible. But my problem with this is that Violet falls in love with Katie extremely quickly, despite the fact that Katie stands Violet up, more than once. I can understand she might forgive her, but Violet doesn’t even seem overly angry about it, she’s all just like, ‘meh whatever, take your time.’ Which was extremely frustrating.

Whilst the idea behind this book was nice I think it would have been a little better if the relationships between the characters were more wholly thought out.

Rating: 2/5.






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