Review: The Raven King

the raven king.jpg

Title: The Raven King

Author: Maggie Steifvater

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy

No spoilers.


Depending on where you begin the story, The Raven King is about pretty much what all the other books were about. Dreams, magic, ghosts and love. Take all these things and amplify them by about five and you sort of start to understand how intense this book is. Every single chapter in this book is beautiful. It’s cliché to say but this book (the last book) is my favourite one in the series.

The vibrant characters Steifvater has created throughout the series develop even further in this book. However, the book kind of left me wanting to know more about them and more about their individual journeys. Unfortunately, I think this would have required a much bigger book.

Basically this book grabs you by the nose and throws everything at you. Like all endings, this book is climatic (exactly the way it should be). It also left me strongly speculating about how it was going to end. I can tell you, that although the ending was not at all what I expected-I was not at all disappointed by it.

If you’ve been putting off finishing this series-like I was-I’ll give you a word of advice. Do not put it off any longer. Stiefvater has done a magical job of crafting these books and the characters within them and her storytelling is simply a par above most young adult fantasy books I’ve read.

Rating: 4/5.

Let me know what the best ya fantasy series you’ve read is in the comments below!



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