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Why I always finish a book

In my life I have read many different books. Some of them have been life changing and others have felt as if they were a chore to read. However, no matter how much I feel I don’t like a book-I always read every single page until I am finished the book-no matter how long it takes. It took me a total of six months to read Bram Stoker’s Dracula-as I was young at the time and the way it was written meant made it an extremely hard read for me. However, I finished it, with a great sense of relief when I finally finished the end.

Often I’ve been asked why I would continue reading something if I’m not enjoying it. Sometimes I agree, why should I finish it? Evidently there are many other novels out there far more capable of gaining my attention and entertaining me so why should I read one that does the opposite? Below I’ve compiled a list which basically summarises why I always feel the need to finish a book-no matter how awful it is.

  1. Sometimes it gets better.

I’ve toiled through the start of many books only to find that somewhere in the middle-the book improves and my want for reading the book improves with it. Admittedly I’ve read many books which have bored me for the first half and then fully engaged me for the second part. I was like this with many of the Outlander novels as Gabaldon has a way of combining her plot points earlier in the novel into one epic climax.

  1. I made a conscious choice to read the novel before I read the first line.

I generally don’t pick up novels that I’m not interested in (*cough* Fifty Shades of Grey *cough*). Therefore if I have chosen to read a novel it’s because I was interested by the author, by the plot, or by the setting or because someone has recommended the book for me to read. From this moment-I’ve usually made a commitment to complete the novel.

  1. I don’t like to leave things unfinished.

Sometimes it takes me a while to finish something-but usually once I’ve started I have to continue. In my working life if I’m given a task to complete and I’m close to completing that task but have run out of time-I will use my spare time to complete said task. Sometimes this takes time (like taking 6 months to read Dracula) but it always ends up being done.

  1. It helps me learn about writing.

As a writer the greatest practice I think I can do is to read books and read them critically. By reading a book I don’t like I’m slowly gaining knowledge about what to avoid doing when I’m writing.

  1. It helps other readers.

As you can see in this blog I’ve already started reviewing several books-as well as posting reviews on Goodreads. I can’t give readers a full picture of a book if I haven’t read the entire thing myself. In turn my reviews will help other readers decide if they should pick up a book and read it.


Do you finish books you don’t like or do you put them down? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Why I always finish a book

  1. All valid and great points as to why to finish a book especially the one about the book may get better. I’ve my fair share of books that start off slow but somewhere around page 80 or so it picks up

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