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Review-Ten Thousand Skies Above You

So, for my first ‘book review’ for this blog I’ve decided to compile for you all a little pro’s and con’s list about my thoughts on Claudia Grays, Ten Thousand Skies Above You.

The book is the second in the Firebird trilogy-a series of books about a girl who basically travels to alternate dimensions and of course-all the troubles that follow with that-especially, boy troubles.


The first pro of this book is the cover artwork (hardly as important as the content), but I found it extremely aesthetically pleasing and it’s part of the reason I started reading the series. (Here’s a link to an interview with the lead designer, if you’re interested).

Ten Thousand Skies Above You.png


Look at those gorgeous colors!


It does a good job of creating questions rather than providing answers. Obviously the sci-fi element in this novel isn’t the most important aspect or the book would have made more sense-scientifically and logically. It left quite a few nagging questions in my brain.


The romance between the two main characters drives the story. I enjoyed reading the various interactions between the two and the way in which suspense was created through them meeting their various ‘other’ selves in ‘other’ dimensions.


The main lead seems to find it impossible to even see herself with anyone else-although it clearly happens in the book which I found extremely irritating. It’s kind of like a pointless love-triangle.


Claudia Gray is great at creating suspense and this is ultimately one of the only reasons I kept on reading this book. There are some great plot twists in this one. Also: a forewarning for those of you who haven’t read it-it ends in a cliffhanger and the next book isn’t out until later this year.


This book adds several more dimensions on the last one and I found it easy to get confused with the various characters (same name) who were traveling through different dimensions.

In conclusion, whilst there were many things that annoyed me about this book, there were many other things that made me excited about what will occur in the final installment of the trilogy.

If you’ve read the book feel free to comment your thoughts on it below!




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