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Why I, like so many others fell in love with Harry Potter.

One of my fondest childhood memories occurred at my cousins house during a sleepover. We had set up a tent in my cousins backyard and were going to sleep in it for the night. But not before we did we sat up in the tent reading our individual copies of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. My cousin was ahead of me and so I furiously was trying to catch-up to her (suffice to say, I never did)-when she burst out in laughter. I later on learnt that the passage that made her laugh was the one where Professor Lockhart loses his memory in the Chamber of Secrets (needless to say, I giggled just as much at it as she did). Like this memory, my childhood was filled with memories all interconnected and interwoven with Harry Potter.

Harry Potter has been such a large part of my life-that it has shaped part of who I am as a person as well as who I am as a writer (I fervently believe that what you read shapes who you are as a writer).  The start of my journey with Harry Potter and my journey as a reader coincided with each other. At the time my mother was reading me the first Harry Potter novel-Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. We had almost reached the end of the book and I was so excited about the outcome that I ended up reading the ending by myself. It was the first ‘big’ book I had ever read-I was eight. Safe to say, I haven’t stopped reading books since and through my childhood I eagerly awaited the release of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the The Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. I saved my pocket money and bought each one in hardcover version at an expensive price on their release days.  During my childhood I read all of the books at least three times each (and possibly more for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban). So when people tell me they haven’t seen Harry Potter or, more importantly, read the books I can’t help but become a little impassioned about convincing people how great it is.  I could write at 10,000 word essay on the merits of Harry Potter but instead I’ve made you a brief (very brief list) of the some of the reasons why Harry Potter is so amazing and some of the reasons why it transformed my childhood and the childhood of so many other people.


  1. It opens up the imagination. large


For a kid like me who grew up in the country I thrived through my imagination and there was nothing quite so magical in my childhood as Harry Potter. Magic spells, magic creatures-basically a whole ‘alternate’ world to be explored.


  1. The characters are some of the most memorable characters I have ever come across, and none are perfect.



Luna Lovegood was my favourite because she made it okay to be a little weird.


  1. It’s humorous! Yes the Harry Potter series can be dark and serious at times but it’s made me laugh as many times as it has made me cry.



  1. It’s loaded with important life lessons.


-The power of love (Lilly dying for Harry), the power of friendship…Ron, Hermione…the value of being smart…(I could put another  whole list here).




5. Harry Potter is for all ages! MY Mum loves it almost as much as I do.

6. The Harry Potter series is enjoyable to read J.K Rowling has a beautiful style of writing which grabs you by the nose and drags you in. exn2yue

No wonder I became addicted to reading.

What do you think? For non-Harry Potter lovers-have I convinced you?

For Harry Potter lovers-what other reasons for loving Harry Potter would you add to this list?






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